The Dogtor Will Smell You Now

A scent-trained dog was able to identify the presence or absence of thyroid cancer in human urine more accurately than lab tests, which leads Anthony and Jeff to wonder how much faith they are able to put into “natural” remedies vs scientific ones.  Would you be able to trust a canine diagnosis?  More Details/Download MP3 →

Snow Crapped Peaks (w/ Hal Lublin)

So much frozen, un-biodegradeable human waste has been left on Mt Everest by climbers, that it is becoming a problem. In fact, Nepal is now requiring climbers to bring their feces back down the mountain with them. Jeff, Anthony, and special guest Hal Lublin discuss the logistics of conquering the world’s toughest mountain, and then bringing your crap home with you.

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Growing Brains

Scientists from the University of Wollongong in Australia are 3D-printing their own tiny, artificial human brains to study the physical properties of psychological conditions like schizophrenia.  Anthony and Jeff ponder the ethical considerations of creating organs that can think from scratch, and wonder why Australia is always such a dangerous place.  More Details/Download MP3 →


Researchers have created remote-controlled crawling insects before, forcing a bug’s legs to move by electrically stimulating its muscles. But now, for the first time, the muscles that control flight in beetles have been identified, allowing the same technology to create remote-controlled flying bugs.  Jeff and Anthony wonder how this breakthrough will be used, and long it will take to assemble the vast cyborg beetle army that will destroy us all.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Not Really Thereomones

It turns out the idea of human pheromones, tiny molecules that can attract a mate, or make you more likable, are a total fabrication invented to sell perfume.  While pheromones do exist in goats and other creatures, there is no proof that human beings have them at all.  Anthony and Jeff look into the strange, and surprisingly recent history of pheromone “science” and wonder how one company could single-handedly put a concept like that into the world.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Fly a Plane With Your Brain

A quadriplegic woman who has trained her neural impulses to control a robotic arm, has now flown a jet airplane using only her mind.  Anthony is thrilled by the prospect of someday being able to control aircraft with his brain, while Jeff worries about the ramifications of announcing this new feat at the “Future of War Convention.”  More Details/Download MP3 →

Carbo Loaded

A man in Britain has been diagnosed with “auto-brewery syndrome.”  Due to an overgrowth of yeast in his stomach, every time he eats carbohydrates, his body turns them into alcohol and he gets drunk.  Jeff and Anthony struggle to decide if this is the greatest gift a human can receive, or a horrible curse destined to ruin lives.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Get Pissed

The residents of St. Pauli, a party district in Hamburg, Germany, were fed up with drunk revelers urinating on the sides of their buildings, so they turned to science to stop the behavior. Painting the most peed-upon areas with an extremely hydro-phobic coating effectively turned the walls into reflectors, bouncing the urine right back onto the culprits. Jeff and Anthony applaud the ingenuity, and wonder how many other problems can be solved this way.  More Details/Download MP3 →

The Spike Lobby Makes Good Points

You’ve heard Anthony and Jeff warn you about the far-reaching influence of the dreaded Spike Lobby. Now it gets real. An article in The Guardian outlines the numerous locations in the UK installing spikes in public places to get rid of homeless loiterers. The guys think this is a disproportionate, inhumane approach, and can only imagine one culprit…  More Details/Download MP3 →

Blind Insight

With a headline like “Man Gets Bionic Eye, Sees Wife for the First Time in 20 Years”, you might expect a tearful moment of feel-good sentimentality. But the truth of the moment, as evidenced by the article’s embedded video, is much more honest and real about the state of technology. Anthony and Jeff applaud the headline’s “man” for his genuine reaction, and make fun of media headlines for their self-congratulatory tone.

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