[Friedman, Gary -- B58472168Z.1 LANCASTER, CALIF. - JUNE 10, 2010: Inmates at dinner at the California State Prison-Lancaster, on June 10, 2010. There are approximately 4600 prisoners currently in this state prison which normally houses 2300 inmates. A legal battle over who gets to control California's massive spending on prison-judges or corrections officials-may be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court with overcrowding at the state's 33 prisons at the center of the debate.] *** []

A Taste of Prison

As a way to raise funds, some US prisons are offering visitors a way to eat what inmates eat.  This experience promises to be the “worst meal of your life” and yet still been successful in attracting curious diners in at least two locations.  Anthony shares his experience with jail food, and Jeff wonders what kind of person thinks this is a good idea.

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