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Jeff Cannata

Jeff Cannata is an actor, comedian, writer, and host, best known as the co-creator and host of the wildly popular Totally Rad Show on Discovery Networks’ Revision3 and Weekend Confirmed on Shacknews. He currently hosts the /Filmcast on the industry leading movie blog /Film, and the video game show DLC on the 5by5 Network, named one of Entertainment Weekly’s “20 Podcasts You Must Hear in 2015.”

Other previous shows include Always On for CNET, Double Jump for the Nerdist Network, and Reviews on the Run for G4TV.

Jeff has performed in theatrical productions all over the country, as well as on stage in Los Angeles, both as an actor and comedian. Television credits include The Mentalist, Scandal, Shameless, Rake, Stalker, and numerous daytime soaps.

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Anthony Carboni

Anthony has more Twitter followers than Jeff.


What is We Have Concerns?

Oh, hello. Thanks for stopping by. We Have Concerns is a show made by Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni (that’s us). We take science, philosophy, anthropology, or current event stories, usually submitted by the audience, and talk about what they might mean, with some comedy improv bits thrown in. iTunes called it one of the best podcasts of 2014 and one of the best series out there for people new to podcasts. Episodes are only 15-20 min long, so why not just download one and give it a listen? Our audience has come up with a few great ones to start with here.

Anthony Carboni and Jeff Cannata, huh? Who are you guys?

We are a couple of host/comic/actor types who like chatting about this stuff. We met each other while both working for Discovery Networks’ Revision3. You can see our full bios here and you can follow us on twitter @acarboni and @jeffcannata.

How much do you plan these shows in advance?

We get that one a lot. The honest answer is… um… not at all. What you hear is pretty much our first take on it, but we think that makes the show much more immediate and fun. It also means we can be uninformed on things, but there is always this cool subreddit where you can tell us what we got wrong.

How much is edited out?

Same as above – i.e. not much. We do have a cool editor working for us, Mr. Rob Pera, and we are grateful to have him, but he really only cleans up the episodes a bit – taking out moments when we laugh too much or really flub a pronunciation. What you hear in each episode is pretty much what we record. We set a timer for 20 minutes and just go.

And the show is completely supported by donations?

Yes! We have an awesome community of fans who generously donate through Patreon to keep the show going. In return, they get early episodes and bonus content, but mostly they tell us they just like supporting us – which makes us want to keep making them happy! You can find out more here.

Can I advertise on your show?

Well, the whole point of using Patreon to fund the show is to avoid having ads intrude on the experience, or force us to talk about things we don’t want to. But we did include a tier of support on Patreon for people to get their messaging into the show. We figure we’d rather help our actual audience get the word out on something than some corporate sponsor. So send us an email! Let’s talk about what you might want to do. If it makes sense, we can find a cool way to do it.

Is there a way for me to donate without becoming a patron on Patreon?

First of all, thanks! But the best way is just to use Patreon. If you have a special circumstance, send us an email!

How do I submit a story for the show?

Send it to us in an email or post it on our subreddit. Please don’t just tweet us a story. It will get lost in our feed before it is time to use it and we won’t be able to find it.

Why does Anthony limit Jeff to one Dad Joke per episode?

Because he’s a tyrant who hates fun or he is the last defense against a sea of inane, corny humor – depending on your point of view.

How can we increase the Dad Joke limit?

There is a little known, but well respected tier of Patreon support that will unleash the Dad Jokes. You’ll know when we hit it.

Do you guys have shirts? Hats? Stickers? Where’s my merch?

It’s right here! We’re always adding more, so check back!

What’s this Spike Lobby thing you mentioned? Or Dr. Cool? Or Brock Life? X-71?

Yeah, there are some recurring characters and jokes in the show. You can find the origins of most of them in our New Listener Guide. Some rad fans also made a wiki to sort everything out. Feel free to contribute to it.

Man, I think it would be so cool if your show was animated!

We do too!! That’s why we added an animation goal to our Patreon campaign. Every dollar brings us closer!

Additionally, if you’re an animator, or know one who might want to work with us (paid, obviously), please let us know!

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