Fighter Starter

We don’t always have a good sense of why we fight. What pushes us to the point of conflict, when we know it will make us unhappy? And why does it leave us feeling so glum afterward? Jeff and Anthony take a look at findings from the world of psychology to investigate some less-than-obvious answers.  More Details/Download MP3 →


Hey R U AR?

When we think of augmented reality face filters, we tend to think of goofy novelties like Halloween masks, face swapping, or inadvertent racist caricatures. But AR could go far beyond that, putting objects in real space with sophisticated tracking tech.  Jeff and Anthony imagine a world of the not-too-distant future full of AR and cute widdle angels.  More Details/Download MP3 →

EEBMHF Archaeopteryx portrait. Archaeopteryx is a well-known primitive bird from the Early Jurassic period of Solenhofen, Germany.

Dino Might Chicken

A chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout instead of a beak has been developed by scientists.  Is this a good thing or a terrifying thing?  Jeff and Anthony are here to think it through.  More Details/Download MP3 →


Ceph Modifying Code

Squids, cuttlefish and octopuses do not follow the normal rules of genetic information, according to research published in the journal Cell. Their RNA is extensively rewritten, particularly the codes for proteins found in the animals’ neurons.  Put simply, that’s very weird. One might even say… alien.  Anthony and Jeff remain on the case, gathering more and more evidence that they’s aliens.  More Details/Download MP3 →


Owe de Toilette

Fed up with the theft of toilet paper from public bathrooms, tourist authorities in China’s capital have begun using facial recognition technology to limit how much paper a person can take.  Jeff and Anthony discuss toilet paper usage, and determine if facial recognition is a bit of overkill in this case.  More Details/Download MP3 →



Architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office has proposed a building that, instead of being supported by the ground and reaching up into the sky, would instead hang suspended from an asteroid. Named Analemma, the proposed skyscraper would be the tallest building ever created, and would travel thousands of miles each day between the northern and southern hemispheres in a figure-of-eight loop – including a daily pass over New York City. Anthony and Jeff discuss the concept and decide whether living there would be the best or worst thing.  More Details/Download MP3 →

t rex

Tyrannosaurus Sex

Tyrannosaurus Rex  had a snout as sensitive to touch as human fingertips, say scientists.  Experts believe that males and females rubbed their sensitive faces together in a prehistoric form of foreplay.  Jeff and Anthony discuss dinosaur mating, and the need to always make room for snout time.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Dr. Leonid Rogozov operating himself to remove his appendix in Antarctica, 1961 (2)

Owner and Operator

Leonid Rogozov was a Soviet general practitioner who took part in the sixth Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1960–1961. He was the only doctor stationed at the Novolazarevskaya Station and, while there, developed appendicitis, which meant he had to perform an appendectomy on himself, a famous case of self-surgery.  Jeff thinks this makes Leonid a prime example of a badass.  Does Anthony agree?  More Details/Download MP3 →


Never, Never Land

Scientists have long suspected that the common swift remains airborne for extraordinary amounts of time during its annual migration.  Now, a team of scientists in Sweden has proved that these birds can spend almost their entire 10-month nonbreeding period on the wing.  Jeff and Anthony discuss the idea of non-stop flying, and whether that’s the best birding or the worst.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Left to right  - Robert, Andrew, Lloyd, Jasmine, Matt, Stephen, Tara, Caroline, Rachel, Josie, Robert P, Katie, Raphael, Jenna, Tom, Jane, Jack, Ali, Oli, Glenn, Sam, Ben and Anton


The contestants of a British reality show that marooned them in the wilderness for a year as a social experiment have returned to civilization — only to discover the series was taken off air several months ago and no one bothered to tell them.  Jeff and Anthony wonder how this could happen, and what happens next?  More Details/Download MP3 →