Cupcakes and the Nature of Longing

A chain of cupcake stores went out of business and the Internet is FREAKING OUT, MAN. An enterprising eBay user is selling the ‘last cupcake’ for $250. Jeff and Anthony try to figure out why we cling to the past so much.

Special bonus mentions: Potato salad kickstarters and self-administering electric shocks rather than being alone with your own thoughts.

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Test Sessions: Siri, Google Me a Bing Watch

This is one of the test recordings that lead to us starting the podcast.

Jeff and Anthony talk about Android Wear and wearable technology in general. Anthony is concerned he’s turning into one of those cranky old dads who never gets rid of his VCR because it ‘works perfectly fine.’ Jeff worries about his hummingbird feeder.  More Details/Download MP3 →


Test Sessions: The Sky is Falling

This is one of the test recordings that lead to us starting this podcast.

Jeff read an article about the Fermi Paradox and now he’s bugging out about the end of the world. (Don’t tell him he’s bugging out, though, he’s in denial) Luckily Anthony Carboni, Science Lawyer, is there to cool his jets.

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