Phantom Phone Menace

A new article about the phenomenon of “phantom” phone notifications – those strange moments when you senses a vibration from your cell phone that didn’t actually happen – has Jeff ranting on the crazy thoughts that such sensations evoke, and Anthony hearing voices.  Is technology making us crazy, or have alerts been messing with the human mind since the beginning of time?  More Details/Download MP3 →

Algorithm is a Dancer

In an attempt to better understand pop music, Dr. Lior Shamir created an algorithm that can correctly identify and track the Beatles artistic output over the evolution of their career.  Now, the same technology is being used to predict whether songs, movies, and other entertainment will be popular, and could even replace creators altogether. Jeff is worried that an equation will never have the soul required to create true beauty, while Anthony is convinced all art can be reduced to math.  More Details/Download MP3 →

U Mad Bro?

Across all cultures and geographies, humans scrunch up their faces in the exact same way when they are angry, and a new article examines several possible evolutionary explanations for the consistency.  One theory is that older people are more intimidating, but Anthony is ready to fight any older person he meets.  Jeff admits to getting angry… and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Positively Pessimistic

Jeff found an article in the Atlantic that posits that a certain type of negative thinking, called defensive pessimism, might actually be more conducive to productivity and well-being than thinking positively.  Anthony, of course, is all over this idea, and calls it pragmatic.  Could expecting the worst actually be beneficial?  What about if you’re seven years old?  More Details/Download MP3 →

The Sun is Yellow and Other Lies

Anthony found an article explaining how astronomers gussy up space photography to convey the scope and beauty of the cosmos, and now he has to break it to Jeff that every image he’s ever seen of the galaxy isn’t really as rich and vibrant as depicted.  Is it important for science to be strictly accurate, or does artistic license play into scientific method?  More Details/Download MP3 →

Telepathy is Real! (kinda)

Researchers have now successfully transferred words from one conscious mind to another over long distances… is a sentence that is technically true, but the details of how they did it reveal that true telepathy is still a long way off.  That doesn’t stop Anthony and Jeff from proposing ways real telepathic communication could be great and/or terrible.  Who needs the Apple Watch when you’ve got a brain-to-brain interface!  More Details/Download MP3 →

Cobra Soup

Cooking a Chinese delicacy, a chef in Guangdong province died when the head of a cobra he was preparing bit his hand – long after it had been severed from its body.  This freak accident has Jeff and Anthony pondering the safety procedures necessary for serving venomous snakes in a restaurant, the weirdest foods they’ve eaten, and, of course, GI Joe.

  More Details/Download MP3 →

Mayo on Displayo

A museum in Japan devoted entirely to mayonnaise prompts Anthony and Jeff to discuss the proper ways to consume condiments, the joys of seeing mundane “attractions”, and the usefulness of obsession.  Also, Indiana Jones shows up.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Follow Your Dreeeeeeam!

An article about how one Chinese gamer turned his “gaming addiction” into a profitable business prompts Anthony and Jeff to discuss dreams, responsibility, passion, and choosing the right career.  Also, Sir Patrick Stewart’s hidden love of crude oil.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Biome Sweet Home

There is evidence to suggest that a microbe that lives inside the human stomache may be the key to ending deadly peanut allergies.  Indeed, the microbiome that each of us carries around all the time may have far more to do with our physical and mental health than previously realized.  This makes Anthony and Jeff think twice about who they’d like to share bacteria with, and how exactly these microbes are getting into our bodies.  More Details/Download MP3 →