Let’s Die in Space

A simulated Mars mission on Hawaii comes to an end, prompting Jeff and Anthony to wonder whether they’d go to Mars, what it’s like to knowingly go somewhere strange to die, and if these fakers even got a decent Mars experience.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Salmon Fodder

Humans controlling waterways by building dams has caused major problems for salmon, who must return to fresh water to breed. But a new company – Whooshh Innovations (not making that up) – has developed a better way to help salmon get upstream: a giant salmon cannon.  Anthony thinks this is the perfect Rube Goldberg solution to the problem, while Jeff worries about a country that solves every problem by turning things into guns.

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Cobra Soup

Cooking a Chinese delicacy, a chef in Guangdong province died when the head of a cobra he was preparing bit his hand – long after it had been severed from its body.  This freak accident has Jeff and Anthony pondering the safety procedures necessary for serving venomous snakes in a restaurant, the weirdest foods they’ve eaten, and, of course, GI Joe.

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Go Go Gadget Soul

Shipyard workers in South Korea have been using Exo Suits to assist them in loading and unloading scrap metal, and Jeff and Anthony desperately want to try it out. But why stop there? Why not replace human limbs with robot ones? How far would they go in selling off their humanity to be able to punch down a wall? The answer may surprise you.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Spider House

Anthony has found a story about a Missouri family fleeing their home because between 4500 and 6000 spiders came “bleeding out of the walls”.  To which Jeff of course wonders, “What the #%$#?!”  Spider senses tingle, spider stories are shared, and everybody asks how this could possibly happen.  More Details/Download MP3 →

I Don’t Know

It’s counter-intuative and perplexing, but the truth is, the less human beings know about a particular subject, the more they THINK they know about it.  This has become known as The Dunning-Kruger Effectific. A new article in the Pacific Standard by David Dunning himself attempts to explain this phenomenon of confident idiots.  Jeff and Anthony can relate, and try to come to terms with their own aversion to not knowing.  More Details/Download MP3 →

Let’s Clone a Mammoth

Scientists have found the most well preserved mammoth ever- so fresh they even took a bite of mammoth meat. Does its DNA contain enough complete information to clone it? If so, should we? What happens if we bring back exctinct species?  More Details/Download MP3 →

28 Days Other

A British performance artist is raising money to live inside the Oculus Rift virtual environment nonstop for 28 days.  He will be connected at all times with another human being – someone he has never met – seeing what he sees, eating what he eats, sleeping and going to the bathroom only when he does.  Jeff and Anthony are fascinated by this idea, but wonder when and how this experience will break down.  Also the puking.  There’s got to be a lot of puking.  More Details/Download MP3 →

200 PC

New analysis suggests that the bronze computing device known as the Antikythera, discovered at the bottom of the Aegean Sea in 1901 is even older than previously thought.  In fact, this computer dates back to 200 BC and represents a incredible feat of pre-historic human engineering.  Anthony and Jeff marvel at a people that could devise such a thing, and rail at the Dark Ages for stealing away so many awesome advancements.  More Details/Download MP3 →