We Have Concerns

Light in Space and New Laws for Robots

Episode Summary

If you could look at the night sky without stars, galaxies and everything else known to give off visible light, does the universe itself put out a glow? That's a question being addressed by the NOIRLab in Arizona, and the answer may surprise you. It certainly surprises Anthony and Jeff, who try to wrap their brains around new findings about light in the darkness. Then, Isaac Asimov's Three Laws for Robotics have been a part of science fiction and popular culture for decades. But now a new book proposes 4 additional laws to govern the creation of robots and AI. Jeff and Anthony take a look at these new laws to decide if they are a good idea.

Episode Notes

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Today’s stories: 

This one :https://www.npr.org/2020/11/18/936219170/scientists-discover-outer-space-isnt-pitch-black-after-all

And this one:  https://onezero.medium.com/its-time-to-add-4-new-laws-of-robotics-8791139cdb11

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